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Online Course: An Introduction to Girl-Centred Design

In partnership with Philanthropy University, the GirlSPARKS free online course provides an overview of the Girl-Centred Design process. Within each module you will be given a snapshot of some of the key concepts and tools that are used and will gauge a better understanding of why Girl-Centred Design is crucial for your work with and for girls.

Our next Introduction to Girl-Centred Design course begins January 14th 2019, read more and enrol here.

Please note - this is an introductory course only and is not a tailored guide. If you are planning to adopt the Girl-Centred Design approach for your own programming, please see the information on our GirlSPARKS training workshops below.

In-Person: Girl-Centred Design Training Workshops

The GirlSPARKS training workshops take place over 3 days, where participants are guided through the three modules of our Girl-Centred Design approach - ‘Find her’, 'Listen to her’ and ‘Design with her’.

Led by expert facilitators around the globe, these trainings have been uniquely crafted to be informative, innovative and interactive, with the girl - her everyday realities, journey and her potential - at the very centre of the process.

GirlSPARKS takes a holistic approach and believe all modules should be covered, however, we want this training to work exactly for you. Ahead of the trainings, we will establish your main learning goals and can adapt the workshop to place more emphasis on the modules that you would like to focus on.

We also offer tailored coaching sessions after the workshop to help your organisation translate learning into innovative programming that reaches the most vulnerable and marginalised adolescent girls.

Read about our latest Girl-Centred Design training here. Please get in touch via the contact page for more information and to receive a tailored quote.

The GirlSPARKS Community

The GirlSPARKS community allows you to connect with other practitioners dedicated to girl-centred programming and design.

Together you can share resources, connect to webinars and attend in-person meet-ups with others in your region to exchange best practice examples and seek advice and support on your programming. Sign up to the GirlSPARKS newsletter below and watch out for news about our upcoming online platform for girl-centred practitioners.

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