On Thursday 27th September Girls Speak Out brought together a range of stakeholders in Kampala, Uganda, to hear from girls themselves about the issues that affect their lives.

During the event, a diverse panel of girls discussed a range of topics, including their experience of living positively with HIV, accessing education, preventing violence and assault against girls and young women, inclusion of girls with disabilities, combatting stigma and speaking out for equality.


In particular, girls highlighted the importance of listening to their voices and being treated with respect – and the difference that this makes to their lives and their confidence.

“As a girl living with HIV,” Bonita explains, “I used to say the world is not fair and I stopped taking medicine. I joined a group for other young people living with HIV, and I gained back my power. I passed the school grade.”

Girls Speak Out was hosted by GirlSPARKS  alongside partners Health Plus Development Communications, Rhythm of Life and Global Fund for Children. Special thanks to Grant Thornton Uganda for their venue and support.

Thank you to everyone that participated in person and joined the discussion online!  #GirlsSpeakOut #GSOUganda #ListentoHer #GirlsVoices #GirlsLead #GirlCentredProgramming