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Powered by Mercy Corps, GirlSPARKS creates and promotes Girl-Centred Design to deliver better and safer solutions for adolescent girls.

How We Work

Finding the most marginalised girls through data collection tools.

LISTEN TO HER Bringing girls into the center of program design through girl consultations and safe spaces.

DESIGN WITH HER Tailoring the design approach to meet adolescent girls’ unique needs through learnings from previous modules.

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Important changes to GirlSPARKS

Posted August 30th, 2019.
We have had to make a difficult decision over the last few months...

GirlSPARKS will have to partially close our doors indefinitely, whilst we explore alternative options to move our organisation forward. We have taken great pride in the work that we have done over the past few years, making changes within communities and bringing the opinions and voices of girls to the forefront. During this time, we worked harder to refine and clarify Girl-Centred Design and pushed it to become an invaluable tool for girls.

Our methodology has evolved beautifully, it has influenced organisations to reevaluate how they can effectively work with girls. We have been able to be impactful in locations where girls are the most vulnerable, from Uganda to Bangladesh, we have taken great pride in the impact we have in the lives of the participants and girls they have helped.

"For once, I am talking...and giving my ideas to people who are not here to judge me and tell me how terrible I have been"

Adolescent girl participating in Girl Consultation Session*

Photo: Corinna Robbins for Mercy Corps

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