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Powered by Mercy Corps, GirlSPARKS creates and promotes Girl-Centred Design to deliver better and safer solutions for adolescent girls.

How We Work

The GirlSPARKS Girl-Centered Design approach puts the girl - her everyday realities, journey and her potential - at the very centre of the problem solving process.Participants are taken through a three-module process in interactive sessions:

Finding the most marginalised girls through data collection tools.

LISTEN TO HER Bringing girls into the center of program design through girl consultations and safe spaces.

DESIGN WITH HER Tailoring the design approach to meet adolescent girls’ unique needs through learnings from previous modules.

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Posted May 29, 2019.

Mercy Corps and the Cox’s Bazar Youth Working Group are excited to convene GirlSPARKS’ first Girl-Centred Design training for Bangladesh, from 17th-19th June in Cox’s Bazar.

If you’re based in and around Bangladesh, and your organisation is working to help adolescent girls in Cox’s Bazar, apply here.

Our 3-day interactive training workshops give practitioners the skills and tools they need to design intentional programming for girls, or to improve their current programming to be more girl-centred. This training will benefit both organisations which focus on working with girls and organisations which do not currently focus on girls, but would like to develop strategies and approaches to better include girls.

"For once, I am talking...and giving my ideas to people who are not here to judge me and tell me how terrible I have been"

Adolescent girl participating in Girl Consultation Session*

Photo: Corinna Robbins for Mercy Corps

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Our 3-day Girl-Centred Design training gives practitioners the tools they need for inclusive programming for girls.

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